Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Musings

I have been absconding from the blogosphere for quite some while now. Reason being, just when I had started falling in love with blogging, some sites (including blogger) were blocked in office. I came to know just last week that it has been unblocked. I could have blogged from home but there was so much work in office that by the time I use to reach back, I was left with no energy or mood to do anything but sleep. Okies, now that I am done with my absence from blogging, I will write something.
Cannot actually think of anything at the moment. There were so many things that I had thought of when I was away from blogging but right now, my mind is absolutely blank. I am loving the state of affairs in my life right now.
Just had a cup of good refreshing tea. Listening to “Jaadu Hai Tera Hi Jaadu” from Ghulam on Radio. And now I am back in form to work. Have installed Windows Live Writer in my PC. This post will test that as well. Will be back in form from the next post. Right now, I gotta get back to work. My table is piled up.
Till then, take care n be good. :)

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tunafish said...

Hey Nicks!

Good to know you have been linked back...looking forward to all your posts now.

Take care...