Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Got completely drenched in the rains right now. It was sooooo beautiful. Don't have words to describe the whole experience, nevertheless I shall try. :)

A hot steaming cup of tea in my hand on the teastall just outside the office, me trying to keep the plastic shed full of water from touching me and in the process lifting it using one finger like Lord Krishna lifting the Goverdhan Parvat, sipping the tea in between and rains, irrespective of anything else, drenching the city and me and my poor cup of tea. And today that cup of tea seemed so less. So, I asked the chai wala bhaiya for one more cup of tea. Fully drenched i could feel the droplets on my face - loving me, caressing me, hugging me, giving me the love and companionship that I miss. The ripples created by the droplets in small muddy pools of water, playing with one another, entering the territories of their friends, smiling to themselves looked so naughty.

It seemed like the sky, clouds, air, love, nature had conspired to cover me with all the love they have. I was and in fact I still am feeling on top of the world. Kitna nasha hai baarish me! :) Mausam ki ye saazish mujhe bhigone ki bahut khoobsurat thi... :) I feel I am in love with everything around - the moment, the time, myself, everything. I was smiling to myself. And I was smiling at those who were under different buildings and sheds trying to protect themselves from rain. Wo mujh pe muskura rahe they aur mai unpe... We, of course, had our own very different reasons.

Boondon ki chaadar poore shaher ko odhe huye thi
Aur mai uski khoobsurati ko dekh kar madhosh huye ja rahi thi...

And suddenly I found myself humming the song "Lonely..." by Akon.

Monday, July 28, 2008


We had our Convocation on 26th July, 2008 - the convocation for our Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Amidst all the confusion and complaints (why is it so early this time, who all are coming, ppl haven't joined yet etc.), most of us who could attend it made themselves available for it. I got my tickets around 20 days back and on the d-day, went to Pama's place with Anupama Gupta who finalised her plans of attending the convo only on the night of 25th July.

Reaching Chennai was filled with mixed emotions, though I was struggling to come out with my bargaining skills initially, once I was in the form I emerged victoriously and settled for 170 bucks from Airport to Gill Nagar (the autowala had quoted 250 bucks). Tamil words were flowing fluently though I fractured them here and there. :) And I was in the land of Dravidians, all set to receive my reward for 4 years.

We had lunch at Cascade and it was really nice to see that though we are all working professionals now, we were our own selfs when we were with one another. Catching up on the latest, chatting, gossiping, laughing, smiling, we had lots of fun. Then came college. After the initial round of formalities of registration, taking the gowns etc. we finally settled in our seats, the feeling of graduation had not come until the procession began. When I saw the faculties dressed in their red robes, the years started rolling in front of my eyes like a movie. The 1st ppt. on REIKI, the time when I had cried in the class for the 1st and the last time in Pandey Sir's class, my initial interest and subsequent disinterest in anything that had got something to do with accounts/finance, the shifting of rooms in the hostel, the shopping for freshers, the signature campaign, my getting titled as Ms. LIBA, the struggle to pass FM-I, the classes with Munish and Peter, shopping for Peter and Shalen, the hostel dinners with Anupama and Smriti, the chai sessions with Annie, waking up Aditi in the morning, the gappon ka session with her in the night, summers with Prachi, the ragging of the juniors, everything was so clear and I was completely lost when Soubir brought me out from my daze.

Then came the time when I received my diploma from the chief guest. Climbing down from the stairs of the stage, I was still busy recalling the 2 years when I was preparing for MBA entrance exams. I remembered reading one of Steve Jobbs' speeches where he had talked about connecting the dots. I could connect the dots now, the 2 years had taught me a lot and I had learnt my lessons well. I know that I do not wish to have any regrets when I look back at my past tomorrow and so I give my 100% to the present. I made some great friends- Saurabh, Hitesh, Prashant, Ankur, Ashima, Kritika, Nupur. Had it not been for them the 2 years wouldn't have been wonderful. I learnt a lot from all of them - Saurabh and Prashant taught me the meaning of dedication, determination and hard work. And Prashant I salute you for your patience. Hitesh taught me the value of simplicity and having your feet firmly on the ground. Ankur taught me how to take all the jokes in your stride. Kitni baar teri taang kheenchi hai but you took it all with a sporting spirit (though I must tell you all I am paying for this lesson heavily coz I am the butt of almost all jokes these days. But at the same time I must also admit that I enjoy a lot bcoz I have learnt how to be sporting).
I met Maalpani Uncle and Aunty at Navneet, Bassi. I thank the 2 years for one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I thank time for Mr. Gopalji Sharma, my REIKI guru and guide. Unse baat ke karke koi problem, problem hi nahi lagti. Thanks a ton Uncle.

The four years were flashing in front of my eyes and the reward was there in my hands. I formally hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Management now. Thank you God for everything. And last but not the least thanks for Ma Papa. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Complexities of Life

People are good to you not because they are good but because they have some work. They are mean to you not because you have done something to them but because they gain some internal, sadistic pleasure by making fun of you. They are rude to you not because you were rude to them but because they gain the same sadistic pleasure mentioned above by being rude to you. They make fun of you not because they have a great sense of humor but because they get a false sense of seniority complex.

There are times when I wonder is it actually seniority complex/attitude or is it mere inferiority complex unfolding itself in the form of so-called "seniority complex".

And who gave them the right to do that? Have they ever looked within and checked whether they are perfect? I am sure they are not because none of us mortal beings can be perfect. Have they ever questioned themselves about their right to mock at somebody? I am sure they have not and will never do so because they will be basking in the self glory of their seniority complex.

Go ahead guys, keep doing that because unless you do that the world will never realize the importance of genuine people.