Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and Smiles

I am in one of those moods again. The kind which makes you float in the air, which makes you want to gaze at the evening sky for hours together. I think it has got something to do with the weather and the time. Its a beautiful weather, the breeze that caresses my face makes me feel loved, the voice of birds returning to their nests makes me feel wanted. Am listening to "Yaad hai wo teri har baat yaad hai" from Phir Milenge. These songs make me lovesick. I have no clue what the word means but I think my state right now describes it perfectly. I am in this forlorn mood just listening to the music, loving the breeze in my hair, sipping a nice cup of hot tea, looking at the birds going back to their homes, And everything seems perfect, just perfect, nothing can be compared to the feeling. Is it Valentine's day? No, it can't be. Just like that I guess.

Still remember when I was in one of these moods just before our Operations exam in 1st year when I heard the tamil version of "Aye Udi Udi" in the hostel mess. What time A had, she could just not stop laughing. I enjoyed that and am enjoying now. I love this moment. Just plain, simple ramblings written in my perfect moment. Am all smiles :) :) :)

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Anas said...

I do not think there is more beautiful thing than a "smile". It is stronger than magic.