Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rains, and the moods...

It's raining cats and dogs outside. And I am in a very blue and grey mood. Dunno why, but rains do this to me. I go through a plethroa of feelings and thoughts when its raining - there's exuberance yet melancholy, there's joy yet sorrow, there's ebullience yet melancholy.

There's one thing I have not yet done since ages - getting wet in the rains, that too on purpose and actually enjoying it. The water engulfing you like a shawl, the cool breeze running its finger through your wet hair, the clouds smiling and pouring as much water as they can. It feels like the Gods are smiling and showering all the love they have. Its exhilarating, can only be felt.

Then there's my room with its two huge windows, one of which overlooks the top of three gulmohar trees. The tress are laden with numerous hues of red and orange with the green leaves peeping here and there as if playing "I Spy". When I cannot go out and get wet in the rain, I just sit beside the window and stare at the water droplets soaking the flowers and the buds. I don't know why but I become oblivious to the surroundings when I am busy looking out of the window. It takes me to a different world. Its a mixture of melancholy, reflection, calm, peace and chaos. I am falling short of words when it comes to the description of these feelings.

And sadly, right now, I am in neither of the above described moods. I am sad and I am irritated. I am sitting here in my office working on something I don't even know why I am doing. And my heart is out there, soaking itself in the rains (the voice of which I can hear on the window panes of the office), calling me, teasing me that I am not doing what I wish to do.


Anonymous said...

hey Nicks, take a break and do what u wish to do without caring abt the world :)

more tough than said, just know the cause for ur irritation and kill the cause. khushi apne aap laut jayegi....

Words lose u when u want them to come to u freely, but never mind. take it as a normal phase.

Sab kuch theek hoga.

haule haule.

Panaroma said...

Hi Nickku... nice post though a sad one... Its just a phase of life and will pass off. We wouldnt know how good the good is unless we have seen a little bad. Keep ur spirits high at all times.. that is really important.

Anonymous said...

where u lost ?

Nicks said...

@Panaroma: Hey dids, thanks for dropping by. And yeah, i am keeping my spirits high all the times.

@Sam: Check out my next post for the answer.

workhard said...

Well now the rains are gone.. hope u not that irritated..

Your description is real nice..

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