Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life On My Own Terms!!!

Have not been bolgging since quite some time!!! In fact, coming to this screen feels so good. Work has been keeping me busy. Though there have been numerous times when I felt like I should pen down whatever I feel like. There have been really strong urges to pen down some thoughts but sadly, I never had a pen and a paper when I had them. 

I few days back, I was just thinking of how my life has always been all these years. My schooling was decided by my parents, graduation was decided by time (though I love what time and life did to me), then I started thinking about my career. And ended up doing an MBA, then placements happened and here I am working in an unknown city doing work which sometimes I dislike to the core and sometimes I enjoy because of the challenge it throws and not because of what it is. And then I realized I that I have led my life like that wooden plank which has been thrown in the river and then takes the course that the river decides for it. There are neither any anchors nor any banks. It just flows with time, with the river.

It was high time that I took charge of what was happening to ME in MY life. And now I am sitting behind the steering wheel with the resolve that what will become of ME in MY life will be MY decision. At least I will strive to take it where I want it to go. I don't want to die regretting and thinking if only I had done....

I have brought a few changes in my life. Won't talk about them right now. Because the changes will show results only a few months down the line. But I can feel the changes within me. I am not mourning or regretting with the words, "arrey yaar! aisa kyun nahi ho raha..." because I know ki agar meri zindagi me kuchh ho raha hai to wo mere kuchh karne ya nahi karne ki wajah se hi ho raha hai... Hope I succeed in whatever I aspire.

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Anonymous said...

hey nicks, this post of urs prompted me to write a long post on being independent. would post it soon.

loved ur 2 posts on being own ;)