Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Complexities of Life

People are good to you not because they are good but because they have some work. They are mean to you not because you have done something to them but because they gain some internal, sadistic pleasure by making fun of you. They are rude to you not because you were rude to them but because they gain the same sadistic pleasure mentioned above by being rude to you. They make fun of you not because they have a great sense of humor but because they get a false sense of seniority complex.

There are times when I wonder is it actually seniority complex/attitude or is it mere inferiority complex unfolding itself in the form of so-called "seniority complex".

And who gave them the right to do that? Have they ever looked within and checked whether they are perfect? I am sure they are not because none of us mortal beings can be perfect. Have they ever questioned themselves about their right to mock at somebody? I am sure they have not and will never do so because they will be basking in the self glory of their seniority complex.

Go ahead guys, keep doing that because unless you do that the world will never realize the importance of genuine people.

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Ankur said...

ur title answers it all! :)