Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I just read a friend's post about love and break-ups on his blog. I was just amazed by the way this topic can set a person a thinking. And I, being no exception, was tempted to share my views on the same.
Now, to all those, who have wasted numerous tissues crying for someone who has walked out of your life. Please stop doing this social work. Or invent some way of recycling your tears into some water. Social work, in this way, wil actually do some good to the society. (voila! great idea... researchers please take note and try and convert this thought into a valuable product. )

Well, on a serious note, I must tell you all that I am not some heartless cruel person who does not know an iota about break-ups and love. I very well understand how it feels. One questions a numerous things viz. self-worth, whether the person was right, whether the timimg was right, whether the relationship was right, are there any chances of getting the same person back, why did it happen to me, etc. etc.

The answers to all the questions is guys, be happy. U have a chance to get somebody who is actually meant for you. I might sound as if Madhuri Dixit from DTPH has inspired me but thats the way it is. Why not look at it this way that now you have a better chance of finding the one for you. And somebody better can walk into your life. You don't have any other choice except sulking, do you? Why not look at things from a different point of view and be happy rather than being in the past and staying saaaaaaaaaad. The former definitely seems to be a better option than the latter.

Now, people might say (i know they will), "madam, its very easy to preach than practice; its easier said than done." etc. etc. I know, i know. And i am coming to the POA, what the people who have recently broken up can do is this:-

1. Hobbies: You can try and nurture your hobbies, playing cricket, listening to some music(and i mean some nice-happening music which lifts up your spirit and not "dil aisa kisi ne mera toda", if you cannot bring yourself to play good music, ask your friends to prepare good playlists and play them), writing, reading, travelling, do whatever you feel like doing or have always felt like doing but you could not because of the paucity of time.

2. Flirt: This one is actually gonna make you feel good. Go out and flirt but nice, healthy flirting, just do not be outrageous and turn up looking really despo.

3. Watching Movies: Watch movies, especially the kinds you were not able to watch when you were with your bf/gf because the movies were not of their choice. Its the best way to make yourself forget the heart-break.
P.S.: Start with"The Holiday" starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. You might end up feeling good about your break-up. :)

4. Shopping: Girls will definitely vouch for this one. And boys, if you have not tried it, please try it. It is worth it. If nothing, at least your mind wil get away from the break-up issue.

5. Vacation: Go for a vacation, visit a nice beautiful place, get away from the daily routine. You will feel great. The Holiday will prove this one to be a great soother as well. I know the movie is very movieish and not something which can actually happen but then who said you cannot believe it? Who knows, you might be the person with whom something like what they have shown in the movie happens?

6. Hang-out with friends and family: Did you have the time to catch up with friends/family when you were seeing your ex? No na? So, now is the time. Even they have some right on your time. Don't they? And if nothing, you will only end-up feeling great and loved. Thats the very feeling that went missing, remember?

7. Look good: Dress well, exercise, dance, visit a beauty salon. Looking good also makes a person feel good. It releases the happy hormones and you feel happy. :)

8. Time: If nothing of the above works, give yourself time. They don't say "time is the greatest healer" just like that. It is indeed the greatest healer. As time moves on, even you will move on in life.

9. FRIENDS: Well, this is a healer for anything and everything. Watch FRIENDS, u will love it and feel amazing. And it is a remedy not only for break-ups but also if you are feeling lonely, down, bored, any negative feeling wil go away when u watch FRIENDS. :)

In the end, break-ups are not the end of the world. They are just a new beginning. I know it sounds cliched but believe me it is a new beginning. It just throws opens numerous options in front of you. And its upto you to choose one among them and options, in terms of not only finding a new person but also in dealing with the break-up and in taking lessons from it.

Stay happy... :)


Ankur said...

Nothing works... :(

KP! said...

nicely written...:) I know some people who should read this...a good friend of mine........but youu are right...its not end of the world......:)

Prakriti said...

@ ankur: well, u have to want to move on. anything and everything will work only if u want it to work. Remember the dialogue in "Jab We Met" - "real me chahna hota hai, actual me"... so, real me chahoge to it will work. :)

@kp: thanks for the compliment. i will be very happy even if one heartbroken soul comes out of their break-up... :)

Neha Pandey said...

Good attempt.....I hope it helps atleast one!!! :)

RaviKant said...

hmm.. ya I beliv there are better things in reserve... so let it all happen and enjoy the moment!!:)