Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spider in its Web

An unsaid monologue

With my own self

Happening since many days

And I am being told that I am

Not what I show I am

I am a spider

Entangled in its own web

Trying to find its way out

Still scared that the web might break

Praying hard that it should

Still scared…..

Wondering what caused it to make

Its very nature so complex

And it is trying to find its way out

All these revelations happen one at a time

Or all in one go???

Spider cannot understand

It is caught in a web

Which is its world

And it wants to break free

Of the shackles that bind it

Yet it’s scared…


Neha Pandey said...

I liked it....


Unlike neha, I more than liked it. Its a brilliant piece! Amazing contradictions brought out beautifully